JDM Girls Rule!

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - I <3 JDM always brings us awesome models!!  We have (from the left) Lovely Rachelle, Brittani, Elyse, and Lena Love, the totally awesome quad-beauties!!

Then turned into quad-hotties!!

Imagine what went on next... :-)
Brittani is looking great even when she is not looking here...

Lovely Rachelle gave a cool side look...

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Lea Anne Is Such a High-Achieving Professional!

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Our cover model Lea Anne is a true trooper.  Despite that she was not 100% at her game, she showed up, smile bright and was as engaging as 200%!  That's what we call the true professional.  Super cool!

She is just totally photogenic with or without a car behind her.

She's been traveling a lot these days.  But we are happy to know that she will stay in the sunny Southern California for the majority of this month.  Awesome!!

She's also featured in the national magazine (sorry forgot which one) coverage!

Lea Anne and a really tall guy!

Olivia Korte Brightens The Blue and Ashley Labady Shows The Cool

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Olivia Korte has that instant-star-attraction power to people, which serves her perfectly as a promotional model, especially for Falken.
Wherever she goes, there is a constant crowd surrounding her and created a further magnetism to more people to join the crowd.  Great job Olivia!

What can you say, Falken has the cream of the crop line up to promote their brand.  Awesome Falken!

We are very happy to see our cover model Ashley Labady!  She looks more cool than ever!

She has that wonderful and personable charisma that makes you super comfortable!  That's very cool!

Keep up the good work Ashley!  Look forward to seeing you more!

Melanie Tillbrook and Randyl Dawn Love the Blue

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - If you were at the the Falken booth, well actually a mini-convention there on the weekend day, you would know that it's almost impossible to have a spot roomy enough to take a good shot of the gorgeous Falken models.

Nonetheless, Melanie Tillbrook as well as other models gave us a very cool opportunity to take awesome pictures of her.
Peace to the world!  Yay!
Randyl Dawn (left) and Olivia Korte were there to help drumming up the Falken activities.

Melanie was happy signing away their posters, and still gave us a wonderful smile...

Randyl Dawn was busy working with multiple cameras and a huge crowd.

Her crowd control skill is very very cool!

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