Non-Stop Amazing Models at Formula Drift

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Formula Drift has so many amazing models at the show.  Diana Lushus had a perfect blue dress matching the beautiful sky of Southern California!

Hi! :-)

This is actually a walk-around model and we got a peek shoot as well!

Ayanna Jordan always looks great!  See Ayanna Jordan coverage from past articles here.

Wow + wow!

Kaylee Alana always looks simply, utterly, and totally gorgeous!  See how amazing Kaylee Alana is from our past coverages here.

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Amazing Jenna Trujillo Continued, and Lisa La, Shawnna, and Ashley Sarto!

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Jenna Trujillo really made a huge impact to the Formula Drift show at Long Beach.  Her brown mini/micro dress plus her amazing presence, backed by the hot red cars,  Wow!!

We are just speechless...

Very speechless....
Lisa La for Nitto worked tirelessly at the show, even though under the big bright and hot sun!  That's the professionalism at work!

Shawnna is a comet at the car show.  One day you see her and the next you still do, but then, she's hard to find...

Still she looked amazing at the show!

We can hope that she will come back to the scene more!!
We managed to captured a good shot of Ashley Sarto.  She's totally amazing in person as always!
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Delicious Red Lips in DUB LA

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - The models in DUB LA are a bit different genre than other shows.  They use more direct appealing and bold colors, like the red lips on the model here!

Sorry again, readers and the model, we did not take down her/your name at the time...

Nonetheless, keep up the good work!!

Then the calendar girls signing and giving/selling their calendars.

The brunette at the right won the most interactive award from us here!!  Kudos!!!

Nokturnal Ryderz had a big presence there...

If you get Sabiy Rose's business card or you bring your own, she would present it to you in a very delicous way too!

See Sabiy Rose's past coverages here...
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