Our Three Featured Models in 2011 Redline Time Attack Round 3 Bikini Contest!!

 Fontana, CA (Py) - Redline Time Attack Round 3 was held at the BIG racetrack in the far far away Fontana...  Nonetheless, the race was cool, and the models are hot!  The most famous highlight (promo-modeling-wise) is the beauty/bikini contest!

And more is that 3 out of 7 models on the stage are our featured models (<removed>, Claudia Moran and Michelle Kroesing)!!!  Yay!!  That's totally awesome!!

 Michelle Kroesing (left) (check out our featured Angel pictorials here: (part1) and (part2)) and Tiffany looking great here!
 Michelle Yee is the Queen of the Redline Time Attack!

 GXS Girls are looking super sexy here!!
 Justine Hilton is looking super stunning here!!
 Maya Michelle Rew!!  Great to see her again!!
 Maya Michelle again! Yay!
 Justine Hilton here again!

 Michelle Kroesing!!  Our featured angel!  (see above)

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