Monique Duran

Monique Duran is very new to the car show modeling scene. However, that did not show in her wonderful presence in the Extreme Autofest in San Diego. She did wonderfully and definitely we see a new star is in the form of coming!

Even though the weather was overcast, she definitely brought sunshine to the pictures and created that mystic look which could be her signature look!

She was so very cool to photographers and was aware of where the cameras were, and stroke great poses at all angles. She is super cool!

Hopefully we will see her more in the magazine!!! Keep up the good work Monique!!

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W&HM - Alex @ Extreme Autofest San Diego

Alex is a tall, lean and has a very defined look, that is very different than other models in the show. She definitely commands presence and shows the great looks of her with ease. Whenever she went, the crowd just followed her. If it were a social network site, her traffic there may crash the system, so to speak...

She was hired by one photographer for the event. Needless to say, the poor photographer may not get as much time as he/she was hoping for, because there were just too many people surrounding her. If I were the photographer, I would not be happy either.

Don't you think that she looks like kristen stewart, but prettier? I'd say...

Good luck to Alex! Hopefully we will see her again here in the future!

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Redline Time Attack Fontana

Redline Time Attack in Fontana is a fun little gem. Despite the high-mercury hot, lip-cracking dry weather, many models poured in and show their support to the event! Originally it was perceived as a small gather and not many promotional models would go. When I was there, within a minute, the beauty contest was on, and there were some really cool models there!

Novella is looking very good here!! She's the Redline Time Attack Winner in April, touring with the event down in this hot and dry (did I say it again?) SoCal here.

Ms Jei Lynn is looking super hot there, as Miss Redline Time Attack Las Vegas!!

Models do eat junk foods!! Haha.

Alexia Cortez is always + always looking good!!

[TIP] Go there early, even though you thought there will be few models, with hot hot sun and dry dry wind... It's worth it!
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