Redline Time Attack Fontana

Redline Time Attack in Fontana is a fun little gem. Despite the high-mercury hot, lip-cracking dry weather, many models poured in and show their support to the event! Originally it was perceived as a small gather and not many promotional models would go. When I was there, within a minute, the beauty contest was on, and there were some really cool models there!

Novella is looking very good here!! She's the Redline Time Attack Winner in April, touring with the event down in this hot and dry (did I say it again?) SoCal here.

Ms Jei Lynn is looking super hot there, as Miss Redline Time Attack Las Vegas!!

Models do eat junk foods!! Haha.

Alexia Cortez is always + always looking good!!

[TIP] Go there early, even though you thought there will be few models, with hot hot sun and dry dry wind... It's worth it!
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