W&HM 2010 - Tina Allen

Tina Allen has that strong presence, edgy feel on the outside, but she is soft and gentle and cool in the inside. She is a very dedicated model and can take care of many things at the same time, and handle a lot of attention in one pose.

This time at the DUB show, Anaheim, she dressed up in a killer sexy outfit, definitely one of the best in show!

The curves of her amazing arching feet are not seen much anywhere else. Wow!

Keep up the good work, Tina!! Hopefully we will have a feature of her in the future!!

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W&HM 2010 - XDC @ Irwindale

Wheels And Heels... What else can I say... :-)

XDC Las Vegas is coming up!! Yeepee!!

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W&HM 2010 - XDC Irwindale Bikini Contest

Xtreme Drift Circuit (XDC) has become a formidable show in the import model world. It has the size of NightShift in the past, and the potential to be the Hot Import Nights (HIN) tomorrow.

The talents in the bikini contents were wonderful. The stage is high enough to provide the best camera angle. Somebody must have thought about that from the beginning!

A key feature of this contest is that most contestants have amazing legs! That is something not all shows can muster up. Many kudos to the organizer!!

[TIP] Keep shooting, even though you know you may get blurry pictures some how. Film is cheap and precious moments don't come around 2nd time. Just don't burn your flash! It's hot up there already... :-)
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W&HM 2010 - XDC Girls @ Irwindale

The XDC Girls with those geometrical pattern uniforms were so eye-catching that it's hard to miss. Once I started on them with a mini-photo-session, the crowd came around like a school of fish, surrounding them, and non-stop shutter clicking...

For some reason, one of the models said that DON'T take pictures of my toes. I was intrigued; therefore, felt obliged to her anti-wishes and draw attention to her secret wishes... :-)

The patterns are really complicated now...

[TIP] Just approach, nicely. You may be the first and have all the advantages of being the first one: more attention, more room, more angles, more everything!
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W&HM 2010 - XDC @ Irwindale

I wish I knew this beautiful model's name. She totally stood out in the crowd and commanded the presence in the booth.

Even at the un-posed moment, she looks absolutely gorgeous! She made the composition of the photo really easy, effortlessly.

And that elaborate tattoo is super cool! It's like she is wearing a Asian designer print on her back. Way to go!

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