SpoCom - Red Shoes

I guess these pictures do a different kind of red (shoes), white (pale skin), and blue (jeans) tribute...  Enjoy!!

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SpoCom - Beautiful NOS girl!!

When I first saw her in the NOS booth, she flashed a smile at me, and I flashed her back with my camera flash... Well, the flash did not go off; I guess it felt overpowered by this beautiful NOS girl's dazzling smile... :-)

So I had to spend 5 min to fix the flash, and she was really patient with me when we did the second try. It went through magically, and I captured this bright and beautiful model... Only I wish I have learned her name and promote her wonderful work!! Got to remember next time...

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SpoCom - Nina Kay

It's really hard to miss Nina...  Her green uniform, and fishnet stockings, and super expressive poses just made you want to keep shooting with no end...  Not only she was very friendly, she even thought out the backdrop and picked a good spot for me to shoot...  Who can ask for more??  Great work!!  

Definitely check out her website: http://www.naughtyninakay.com/

It's worth the trip! :-)  Best of luck Nina!! 

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SpoCom - Corisaa Furr and Alicia Whitten

Corrissa and Alicia are like super stars that have such a great chemistry together!  Somehow I arrived too early at the convention, so did not get my "worm" so to speak...

Nonetheless, Corissa always look ravishing and seductive!  I often get most impressive photos shooting with her!!  Great job Corissa!! 

On the other hand, Alicia is like such a drop-dead gorgeous girl with a naughty genius inside...  She actually demonstrated her ability to practice nunchuk without getting anybody hurt including herself.  When she showed that on stage, it's really amazing!!

Hats off to you both!!

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SpoCom - Leianna Kai and Miss Genna

The two absolutely beautiful models from SpoCom, have graced our site with the special features: Leianna Kai and Miss Genna.  Here are the updated pictures from SpoCom, the mothership event!! It's wonderful to see them again!

Even though Leianna has only been in the import scenes less than a year, she's already a wonderful + wonderful model in her comfort zone and looking fabulous!!

Miss Genna is always great to talk with.  She is always busy with and without the car shows.  She goes to school, as well as do professoinal styling work.  She's definitely multi-talented and goal-driven person that will inspire a lot of people in the future!!

Best of luck to both wonderful models!!

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SpoCom - A Great Model!

It's really a shame that I did not find out her name and give her proper credit to her incredible appearance here...  Not only she has that slendar figure, her fresh attitude and kind of shy personality makes her even more outstanding than other models.  She is indeed a rare gem in the big convention center...  Best of luck!!

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