DUB LA - Edgy Tatoo

Her tatoo has that musical notes with a lyrical feel in it.  She was so vibrant and bright, I could sense a lot of energy from her just for a brief 10 seconds!!  Wow!

DUB LA - Ashley Sarto

Ashley is a super wonderful model!  Not only she has great physique, long legs, and sunny smiles, her warm and personable personality just makes you feel like you've been a great friend of hers for a long time.  Last year, she was in Redbull Drifting Championship event, wearing a Hankook uniform (one of the best uniforms out there!!) with Helen Fancik.  They looked spectacularly!!

DUB LA - Fishnet Friendly

Even though she has that spicy and super hot appereance, she is totally friendly, considerate, and very understanding. I've hardly seen such a quality in a model, especially in that crazy environment. Kudos to her!! Next time I should find out her name...

Formula Drift Long Beach - Lauren

Lauren is new to the scene, but not inexperienced in shows.  She has been a theme park beauty character and has that perfect smile every time your camera is ready.  She recently joined the Mazda / Cooper Tires promotional team in the Formula Drift event and added a lot of fresh and amicable atmosphere to the vendor space!!  

Best of luck Lauren!! 

DUB LA - More Blondes

Not only they stood up from the last shoot, they gave you different poses to your heart's content!! Then there are more to share... :-)

DUB LA - 2 Lush Blondes

These two gorgeous blondes radiated the blonde power all over the booth.  If you ask them nicely, they would even stand up and pose for you!  (see later post...)

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