25Visuals Featured Model - Genna G. (aka Miss Genna)

Genna G. has a pair of beautiful blue eyes, that you feel like you are in the Barvarian snow forest, tranquil, deep, and peaceful.  When you talk to her, yet you can feel her passion, energy and personality.   Very very cool!

I saw her at 2008 SpoCom in Los Angeles.  She won the SpoCom Bikini Contest and crowned with a very nice tiara!  It's her appereance, her constume, her attitude and her total package that stood out in the crowd of many great models!  Congrats!!

When it comes to cars, she loves the new Nissan GTR, from Japan, right-hand drive, in her favorite color: bubbly Pink!  Talking about a girl knows her car!!  Impressive, most impressive!!

I asked her if you can have any pet that she likes, what would you get?  She said without blinking an eye, "Sugar glider!".  I said "What???"  Then I googled it and understood why it's a beautiful model's favorite...  They are cuuuuuute indeed!!  Good call Genna G.!  Guys, now you know what to give on her birthday, valentine's day, Xmas day, or New Year... ;->

Oh, don't forget to ask her about her last name.  It's a super interesting story!!

To find more about her, here are some contact information:

website: http://www.MissGenna.com
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/MissGenna 
email: mailto:Genna@MissGenna.com

Best of luck Genna G.!  Keep up the very good work!

(Featured Article by Py)