DUB LA - Leggy New Star 2

Two bright stars! What can I say... They are just gorgeous!


25Visuals Reports:

DUB LA - Leggy New Star!

She is petite but her legs are long! She seems a fresh young upstar model that I am sure will have no problem breaking into the world of modeling! Best of luck!

DUB LA - Another Friendly

She was in the middle of an aisle, posing cutely and friendly...

DUB LA - Jelene C

Jelene (on the right) is such a free spirit and sweet girl. She is always up for a great pose and ready for a picture!

DUB LA - Goddess Medley

Somehow DUB show models have a different feel than the models in HIN.  They are edgier, more  diversified, while HIN models are sweet, nice, and  more styled.  That's the beauty of living this hot land here, where all shows are happening... :-)  


DUB LA - Alexia Cortez

Alexia is a rising star and she has grown into a great model!! She looks more confident, more engaging and more beautiful!! Good luck Alexia!!

Finally - RSS feeds problem by Feedburner is FIXED!! Yes!!

25Visuals Reports: finally, the long haunting of the RSS feed not transmitting problem is finally fixed.  Originally, I signed up for the feedburner, since it's "semi-recommended" by Google.  I did not get what I wanted and it really started to mess up my blog.  Until today, I tried many remediations but no avail...  Then I just reset the template to classic and back to upgraded.  It seems to fix the problem!!! Yupee!!!

DUB LA - Beautiful Model

At the beginning of the show, I caught this model together with Corissa Furr. They look so great there. Then later in the show, I could not find them any more... When you get a chance, don't let it go! :-)

DUB LA - White Bikini

The white bikini is always in fashion, both by the water and inside a show!!

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