Don't Miss Industry's Super Top Models in 2020 Supercross Anaheim 1 #sxa1, by W&HM

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Spectacular Season Opener of 2020 Supercross at Angel Stadium Anaheim with lively Monster Energy Girls

This year's Sueprcross 2020 is a busy year and the showing of attendees is overwhelming from all angles and at all booth spaces.  Vendor spaces have been expanded so we would say that this is a great year and a great start of the season.

Not quite like last year's gloomy-turned-stormy weather, this year has a great start and the weather is awesomely perfect with the beautiful sun up in the sky and not much when making the whole experience much more enjoyable. 

The Monster Energy Girls 

carried their great tradition and showed up in a great number.  They all show their energetic side just like the Monsters energy drinks, in different flavors too.  They have not stopped working with the crowd, camera Crews and celebrities.

Throughout the time at the Supecross Fanfest Monster Energy booth, there were always loud music and tons of actions.  There were freebie giveaways that really whipped the crowd into a freebie-grabbing contest.  It was all a good time ensured.

The Rockstar Energy Drink Girls 

The very potent flip side of the Monster Energy Girls are the Rockstar Energy girls.  These super models brought the glammest of the glams to the high energy event. 

Each Rockstar Energy girl is always stunning in their presence, with their looks, their personalities, and their uniforms.   This time they brought so many of them too! 
We're very happy to see some familiar faces including Courtney Riggs, Jillian Knacke, Kourtney Kellar, Adelynn Rose, Tonesta, and more! 

And we have to comment on this year's Rockstar Energy girl uniform.  This is simply one of the sexists and most glamorous and totally stunning!!  The design, the logo, the fitting, all showed the great uniform design considerations, for these ultra stunning models to shine!

Cover Model Zari Chacon for Dunlop

We were surprised and so happy to see our current cover model Zari Chacon!  She flew all the way to the sunny southern California to bring her sunshine-ness to the event. 
Zari is such a sweet sweet person.  Wherever she shows up there's always a positive energy and a happy uplifting air around her.

It's so wonderful to see her again and we definitely look forward to seeing her again next time!

The Dunlop booth is where we always stop by and catch up with our super awesome team.  It's like a new year review when we talked to Randyl Dawn, Courtney Day and of course Zari Chacon.  It's always like catching up with a distant friend that you only see a few times a year, but so many years back that a friendship is intrinsically forged.

Cover Model Christina Riordan

We are super happy to see our cover model Christina Riordan again at the Supercross Anaheim 1.  She is looking more and more awesome and gorgeous!

Christina has been busy with work and traveling, and finally got a chance to take a short break to enjoy some much needed holiday home time.

Even though Christina is not attending CES next week, she will be at the the Boat Show in Pomona Fairplex next weekend.  If you are going to the Boat Show, definitely find her and take a selfie with her.  It could be one of the glammest photos in your phone for a long time.

An Awesome Time at 2020 Supercross Anaheim Season Opener

We always love the Supercross Anaheim 1, and we totally look forward to the next year's awesome line ups already!