Awesome 2019 Supercross Anaheim 1 Season Opener Fanfest Coverage

The big season opener of Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2019 at Anaheim Angel Stadium, Fanfest with top models and super bikes and happy crowd!

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This year's Supercross opened with a big bang starting with the Fanfest right on the parking lot of Angel Stadium.  Even though the sky was gloomy and dark, the high energy exhibited by the fans, the vendors, the models, the crews, and the riders were totally irrelevant to the weather condition.

First off, you would run into the food truck section, which is highly appreciated during this low temperature and unpredictable weather.  It's just made you want to have some comfort foods.

1st up, the Monster Energy Girls, in particular, our feature Ashley Wilke were there guarding the big platform stand right next to the performance stage.  There were the bright silver lining to the cold weather there.

Also there are our future featured model Alondra Meraz, as well as the TXS Productions girls gave us big smiles.
The big bang came to the Rockstar Energy Models!  These are the super glam and awesomely friendly top models in the industry.  Their vivacious personalities and playful personna, together with bright yellow and checkered uniform, became one of the biggest draw at the Fanfest.

We were so happy to see our cover model Jess Harbour.(if you don't know which is Jess, here is the link that would keep you on the screen for a long while...), and here is the full lineup from left to right:
Adelynn Rose
Holly Allen 
Jessa Cygan
Jillian Knacke 
Jess Harbour
Kourtney Kellar
They were simply stunning in sight and warmly approacable in person.  We were totally smittened!  And we totally aprpreciate the shoutout by the Rockstarenergymodels IG.  We love you all too!!
And we were super happy to see the dynamic duo, featured model Ashley Harrell, and Courtney Day at the Dunlop Tire booth.   As well as the sweet 51Fifty Energy Drink girls and ASC Action Sports Canopies girls!
One thing we disappointed ourselves is that we did not find our cover model Christina Riordan.  She is always a wonderful model to catch up with.  We had this epic fail for sure...

And the big part of the Fanfest were the bikes that showcased and demonstrated at various race teams and vendors.

Overall, this is such a fun Supercross event, and one of the best we attended.  Looking forward to next  year's already!