Highlights of 2019 Extreme Autofest, 20th Year's Celebration, San Diego, by W&HM

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2019 Extreme Autofest (EAF) San Diego, 20th Year of Running Fun and Strong

This is the 20th year of Extreme Autofest celebration. It's been a great show running with lots of history up in Los Angeles, and the base at San Diego.  It is not easy to carry a car show legend for 20 years. In our recent 10+ years of coverage of all car shows in Southern California we have witnessed swelling in car shows scene, as well as car shows consolidation.  Still standing tall, EAF carries the song tradition of providing a great place for people to show off their cars and models to engage their fans, vendors to generate leads, as well as stage performances to bring pop culture to the car show world.  We highly appreciate EAF carries this history and provides a great social opportunities for all.

Models at Extreme Autofest

San Diego models are different than other areas'.  San Diego models have more diverse looks and true to their personality, and embracing all shapes and sizes.  Many carry that new model shyness or the established model presences.  When in front of the camera, or on stage in front of a big audience, each showed off their pretty smiles and forms of self expression.

However, a ground breaking stardom sighting has happened in this year's EAF.  WWLC Network has brought two super models to the show, who are Formula 1 models for many years.  By the way of their model personas, and the highly sleek WWLC Network uniform, they are true to the top model level.  It's a game changer and a glimpse to model heaven.  They totally changed the dynamics and perspective of the show.  Our hats off to the WWLC Network folks and the two super models!

Cars ask Extreme Autofest 

Car show at Extreme Auto Parts is always a fun segment of the show.  EAF also have a mixture of different cars, including lowrider cars, vintage classics, JDM modified, and exotics.  There were articulated paint jobs on the lowriders just beautiful and artistic.  The muscular JDM and domestic cars were armed with even more modifications and gadgets.  It's always a fun walk across many lanes of these packed cars and appreciate their efforts and time invested.

Hey Baby Bikini Contest 

Hey Baby Bikini Contest is an open venue that many models attempted their luck for a title of cash prizes, and definitely a nice bikini set ensured.  There are many aspiring models who entered the contest and happily show off their talents in front the excited audience.  The great judges comments and encouragements were also a great hot sauce added to the contest.

In the end, there were three finalists for the titles, but the audience demanded another model to be included.  Among the four, the Hey Baby Bikini Contest winner won the title before and after the model addition.  The added model won the second price, which was to her great surprise.  Then there were a hung jury about the third place, so it's a tie and the two lovely ladies shared the third place prize.  This is such a wonderful Karma!  We also witnessed true audience participation and making a different.  This we highly applaud to because it's rarely seen in other shows.  It's so much fun and we totally love Hey Baby Bikini team!

Conclusion of 2019 extreme autofest 

we were very happy to attend the 20th year of extreme autofest San Diego.  Despite the high temperatures it's always a fun event and we met some few new friends and had an opportunity to work with Siray Kong for our magazine future.  It's a stunning moment when we shot with the WWLC Network umbrella super models and of course our feature model Bethany Gragg too.  It's
always a pleasure check out all different cars from different styles and cultures.  The concert was non-stop and highly appreciated.  The Hey Baby Bikini Contest was always a toss of a dice and that added a lot more fun to watch. 

Congratulations to Extreme Autofest for your 20th year running strong.  We look forward to to the next year's event!