2019 Formula Drift Round 1 Season Opener at Long Beach with Amazing Models and Cool Opening Ceremony #FDLB #FD

The Amazing Umbrella Girls and 2019 Formula Drift Season Opener Opening Ceremony of Drivers and Models and Cars

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(Continued from the Day 1 coverage.)  On the day two of the Formula Drift Long Beach season opener 2019 we were expecting more of models as they usually are, but it seemed the 90% of the models were the umbrella girls that were present.  This is cool, as they are the cream of the crop in the promotional motorsports model world, and we were so happy to see them again!

This year, our cover model Christina Riordan (above) wore a different hat and increase Worthouse not only their branding presence, she actually brought in tons of sales of their merchandise.  That is super awesome!!!

We also saw the Falken girls at the day two Round One, with Ashley Harrell, Alliyah B, and Courtney Day.  It's always the great seeing them again and also we saw Nexen girls the our beautiful W&HM cover model Jess HarbourErica Nagashima and Karina Velez.  Then we went over to Nitto Tire and there they were, the lovely lovely Jillian Knacke and Leanna Decker were so friendly and awesome.

At the Achilles booth we have our gorgeous cover model Arley Elizabeth and Bianca Stam.  All these awesome umbrella girls brought us to the glamorous and fun side of Formula Drift.  From this year's model turnout we can sort of see a trend that the promotional modeling consolidation is kind of happening.  Though we see less and less models compared to several years ago, we see more more our W&HM cover and feature models.  That's super cool!

2019 Formula Drift Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of Formula Drift is always a great experience.  Not only the top 16 cars were lined up for people to see who and what, the VIP guests can get up close and personal with the cars, the drivers, and even the umbrella girls.  That is super awesome experience that many drifting fans should consider.

It's so great to see these drivers were so gracious to let us take photos and show their awesome personalities.  These are just a moment before the critical Round 1 championship happening.  We love their calm and confident presence.  Our hats off to them all!