Super Cool 2019 Formula Drift Long Beach Season Opener Lifestyle Expo and Autograph Session, by W&HM @formuladrift #FDLB #FD #formuladrift

Ultra Cool 2019 Formula Drift Long Beach Season Opener Brought a High Spirit Vibe to Set The Tone For The Year!

★ / Py Pai, Chief Editor
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2019 Formula Drift Long Beach Season Opener

At the Long Beach city street venue for 2019 Formula Drift Season Opener, it's a sunny bright slightly cloudy day.  It's not like the night before where it was drizzling.  It gave people a bit worry about the weather condition next day.

Since it's LA, it natural to have weather like this, just like any deserts. It feels awesome when you see the sun to make you warm.  Then next minute, if you're in the shadow then it's so cold that even east coast people complained about it.

W&HM Cover Models Arley Elizabeth and Jess Harbour

We were very happy to see Arley, the Achilles umbrella girl, and our cover model.  It's been a long time that we saw Arley, since she has been touring around the country of all the major auto shows.  It's always great to catch up with Arley as she is such a genuine person who talks about everything!  So cool!

It's so great to see Jess Harbour, our cover model and Nexen Tire Umbrella Girl, too!  Jess is always so stunning.  It really literally just click and click and click for us to showcase her awesome beauty, effortlessly!

More Umbrella Girls and More Models at 2019 Formula Drift Long Beach

There is a new girl in town Achilles Tires, Bianca Stam, who is also an actress as well as a model.  We have worked with this very talented model in the past, and look forward to working together again with her!  We also saw the awesome umbrella girl, Erica Nagashima, for Nexen Tire.

At Eneos, Lauren Murata and Diamond Huynh are always so happy and warm.  Both of them are from Midwest and East Coast; however even the Long Beach weather is pretty chill for them.  Together with these awesome models, we also met Jillian Knacke, Leanna Decker for Nitto Tire,as well as Jaycee Hamlin and Raylee Faythe for NOS Energy Drink.

We will see many more too tomorrow!

GUMOUT Sponsored Driver Autograph Session

It's always a great time to meet your idol drivers and get their signature and getting a selfie with them.  At the Day 1 of Formula Drift Long Beach Season Opener, It's a wonderful chance to have all the drivers waiting for VIP fans and a lot more fans there to meet together.  It creates one of the best and strongest bond between the industry to the community that they serve.  It's totally awesome!