November 29, 2017

Super Talented Kat Harter for American Truxx Wheels at #SEMA2017

Model Kat Harter posed for W&HM in American Truxx Wheels at SEMA 2017
Kat Harter at American Truxx Wheels / W&HM Staff

At the American Truxx Wheels company booth, Kat Harter totally impressed us and the show goers with her super articulated modeling skills!


305 Forged Wheels Angels at #SEMA 2017 / W&HM Staff

Iliana Durate and Cristal Aguirre and friend at 305 Forged Wheels in SEMA 2017 show


November 27, 2017

We Got So Many Sweet Photos of Lisa Lee Marie at Zenas Wheels in SEMA 2017 #SEMA @LisaLeeMarie13 / W&HM Staff
The super sweet Lisa Lee Marie was proudly showing her stylish posters for her Zenas Wheels at the SEMA 2017.  The poster was created with our badass photographer Py Pai's work with Lisa Lee Marie.

Lisa Lee Marie is such a great promotional and brand personality that she leaves a strong impression on people if they have interacted with her for just mere 30 seconds.  She is so vivacious and fun that it is contagious.  If you meet her in the morning,  you will have a beautiful day.  If you see her at the end of the show, you will feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated.  Lisa Lee Marie is totally awesome!!

Thanks to Zenas Wheels, we got to see Lisa Lee Marie again, and spend some good photo time to take awesome photos of her in front of their wheels.

November 25, 2017

Our Cover Model Arley Elizabeth Shows off her Awesome Abs at the HPS Performance Products in SEMA 2017 @arrrrlz / W&HM Staff
Our cover model Arley Elizabeth looks amazing in HPS Performance Products midriff-baring uniform, showing off her incredible toned abs!  All the hard works and self disciplines are paid off big time, which should serves as a motto for any one who are determined to achieve their goals!

Here Arley Elizabeth with Zari Chacon at the booth in SEMA 2017.

November 22, 2017

Racewarz 2017 Season Ending and Irwindale Speedway Ending Car Show with Big and Surprise Talents! #racewarz

Our cover model Hanna Ferraez for Stay Humble Hustle Hard at the Racewarz Irwindale 2017

Racewarz ends the season at Irwindale Speedway with cool talents and unexpected showings!  Good fun and great show! / W&HM Staff
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Racewarz at Irwindale Speedway

Racewarz season-ending car show at the legendary Irwindale Speedway was a fun event with car lovers and their cars and model admires with named and new models.  Overall,it's a great time well spent in a Sunday afternoon!

This is the last year that Irwindale Speedway will be standing at its existence here so this is an especially memorable and important car show of the season that we have attended here.

In the vast parking lot of the speedway we spotted the busy stage, huge crowd around car activities, several vendors as well as car attendees joining the crew to celebrate this season ending car show of Racewarz.

Models at Racewarz

To lead off the model talents there we have Hanna Ferraez our cover model for Stay Humble Hustle Hard brand.

In the model lounge, we were somewhat surprised to see our cool model Lizzie Lee, as well as Charise Jeanine in the lounge. They look totally relaxed, awesome sunny, happy and cool!

Also in the model lounge there were the very talented Yhess Gonzalez, the Boulton sisters, Alyssa and Alona and they always show off their long fit physics with that mesmerizing looks that can impress anybody. Great job sisters!

This is the first time we met Ashley Kirk with the blonde hair in a casual attire which totally radiates her sensuality to the audience.

That we also met up with several other models across the show in different spots, including Ounsreyrena, Kim and Trista Mikail, and many more that we did not get a chance to cover.

Car Show and Activities

It was a totally fun and relaxing Sunday afternoon car show with little Hassle and great enjoyment.
There were different activities there where car did sound off to complete who's exhaust pipe can scream the loudest as well as car show that showcase import and domestic cars in different suites (paints) or shiny chrome engine or interior remodeling. 

A Very good day at Racewarz!

At the end it's a very happy and memorable car show in an old school style that we always love.
And it is sad to see that our beloved Irwindale Speedway will be gone next year but we look forward to 2018 new car show season to come soon.

Lizzie Lee and Charise Jeannine

Sam Ferraez, Kim, and yhessa Gonzalez

Alyssa Boulton, Alona Boulton, Ashley Kirk

Arica Moe, Trista Mikail


Hanna Ferraez

November 20, 2017

The Stunning, The Fun and The Cool Models at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2017 #IMS

International Motorcycles Show Long Beach 2017 brought the glamour and fun to the vast attendees in Long Beach Convention Center / W&HM Staff
(Arley Elizabeth photo provided by Arley Elizabeth)

The International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Long Beach has been one of our most favorite coverage shows.  Not only the gorgeously articulated chrome-coasting engines inside the aerodynamic approved shell, there were also an ever growing array of awesome models!

Right in the center, literally, and geographically center, stood our cover model, Christina Riordan.  She looks amazing in her J&P Cycle red shirt.  She was easily the center of attention!!

Also our cover and feature models Gabrielle Romanello, Athna Love and Arley Elizabeth were at all different places showing their amazing modeling persona!!

Progressive Insurance has come out with many models that totally wowed the attendees.  We have Paige (below right), and

Miranda Herrington (below) busy providing refreshments and freebies to the credential holders and policy holders.  Awesome!  Besides the happy and beautifu ambiance around the lounge, there was also the barber duo team from Austin TX that did great jobs in trimming attendees' beards. 

Lacey Cunningham (below).  Also, the tattooing on the spot!

Ducati Girls are always stunning and wow'ing!! We met the super awesome Cierra Nicole (below middle black dress) and Stasiya Huzmina (below right red dress) with all 2018 Ducati motorcycles.

There were many more models at the show so we will take our time and provide more individual model coverage in the next few days.  Stay tuned!

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November 13, 2017

Act Now! Order Your Gorgeous and Most Leggy W&HM 2018 Calendar!! @wheelsandheelsm

W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine 2018 Calendar is here!!

After a year's hiatus, Wheels and Heels Magazine is coming back with a big boom!  We just released the popular 2-page large format 2018 calendar with industry's super models and awesome talents, shot by renown photographer, Py Pai!

  • Double Page Large Format - Beautiful models in 2 page long pictorial spreads
  • Industry's Combined 6.2M IG followers Star Talents - Jessica Weaver, Christina Riordan, Nicole Marie Reckers, Arley Elizabeth, Dani Lang, Caitlin O'Connor, Crystal Mendez, Ashley Twomey, Anya Benton, Divina Casas, Trisha Gority and Annelise Marie!
  • Smart Quotes by Each Model - Models' inspirations can be yours too each month
  • Gorgeous Style by Py Pai- beautiful pictures by top tier photographer, Py Pai
  • Most Leggy Calendar - the industry's most leggy calendar by far!!

Check it out by clicking the red button below!

Wheels and Heels Magazine 2018 Calendar
W&HM Special Collection: Wheels and Heels Magazine 2018 Calendar
W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine 2018 Calendar in double page large format, with super car show models and talents, including Jessica Weaver, Christina Riordan, Nicole Marie Reckers, Arley Elizabeth, Dani Lang, Caitlin O'Connor, Crystal Mendez, Ashley Twomey, Anya Benton, Divina Casas, Trisha…
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