The Stunning, The Fun and The Cool Models at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2017 #IMS

International Motorcycles Show Long Beach 2017 brought the glamour and fun to the vast attendees in Long Beach Convention Center / W&HM Staff
(Arley Elizabeth photo provided by Arley Elizabeth)

The International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Long Beach has been one of our most favorite coverage shows.  Not only the gorgeously articulated chrome-coasting engines inside the aerodynamic approved shell, there were also an ever growing array of awesome models!

Right in the center, literally, and geographically center, stood our cover model, Christina Riordan.  She looks amazing in her J&P Cycle red shirt.  She was easily the center of attention!!

Also our cover and feature models Gabrielle Romanello, Athna Love and Arley Elizabeth were at all different places showing their amazing modeling persona!!

Progressive Insurance has come out with many models that totally wowed the attendees.  We have Paige (below right), and

Miranda Herrington (below) busy providing refreshments and freebies to the credential holders and policy holders.  Awesome!  Besides the happy and beautifu ambiance around the lounge, there was also the barber duo team from Austin TX that did great jobs in trimming attendees' beards. 

Lacey Cunningham (below).  Also, the tattooing on the spot!

Ducati Girls are always stunning and wow'ing!! We met the super awesome Cierra Nicole (below middle black dress) and Stasiya Huzmina (below right red dress) with all 2018 Ducati motorcycles.

There were many more models at the show so we will take our time and provide more individual model coverage in the next few days.  Stay tuned!

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