W&HM Highlight of 2017 Off Road Expo Pomona Show (Updated)

W&HM Cover Model Jessica Weaver for Grid Wheels
Update: we have added the 2nd day's coverage at the end of the article, Please check it out in the full article view.

Southern California's premier off road car show, Off Road Expo is bigger and better and awesomer! 

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Off Road Expo Show Overview
Off road trend is basically off the chart in these several years.  The amount of attention and money spent on this industry is skyrocketing that has not been seen before.  This is an awesome time for an off road car show.

Off Road Expo is the prime car show in southern California for the off road enthusiasts and vendors to congregate and exchange their assets, either money or products.  The vast show venue at Pomona Fairplex, occupies the three main show halls, as well as the corridors surrounding the halls.  When looking over form a higher vantage point, it's just people and people.

During the slightly cooled off weather, the show is heading off a great start.  There are vendors all around the venue to help their customers as well as marketing their goods.  There are many lifestyle activities related to the off road theme.  There were competitions of drivers across a challenging enclosed course.  Some competitions are for young kids like 5 or 7 years old!  That's tons of fun to see how they seriously drive their vehicles like bat out of the hell, so single focused.

At the promotional side we have met many our cover and feature models!  This is awesome to say the least!  Here we have,
W&HM cover model Ashley Twomey for Magna Flow
We haven't seen Chaba for a long long time!! It's so good to see her again at the MT/ Mickey Thompson booth this year!
We recently worked with Dani Lang and her friend Ally Mello at the Yokohama booth
The fashion model style IONA, simply wow!
Jessica Weaver is a huge star at the Off Road Expo for Grid Wheels

Off Road Display Cars

One of the joys to have is the various display cars from different vendors.  These cars tend to be big, or monstrous, as well as decorative to inspire the show attendees that anything is possible, and the spirit of off road is to not follow the road!

The Promotional Models at Off Road Expo 2017

The vendor models at the Off Road Expo are different type from the other import car shows.  Here you would see a lot of different shades of blondeness among models.  They are all friendly and happy to see all.  They totally made the show super enjoyable!

We will have more detailed coverage of the individual models with their names, so definitely stay tuned!

More Promotional Models at the Off Road Expo 2017

Cover Model Ashley Twomey for Klutch Wheels

More Awesome Vendor Cars at The Show

Miss Off Road Expo Bikini Contest

This  year's Miss Off Road Expo Bikini Contest is a bit skimpy on the number of the contestants, but not on the wardrobe.  The wardrobe in each model is perfect!  The 5 contest event still had nail biting moments.  The three finalists were not immediately identifiable until the last second of the announcements.

Who would you pick as the number 1 and 2 and 3?  Tell us at the comment area