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October 31, 2017

Complete and Awesome Coverage of #Falken Girls at 2017 #FormuilaDrift Irwindale

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The Falken umbrella girls are always famous in Formula Drift circuit. Here at Formula Drift 2017 Irwindale Event they came out with a full force especially with our future model Kelsey Quayle as well as Courtney Day and Heidi Fahrenbach, and Melanie Tillbrook.

Kelsey Quayle 

Our feature model Chelsea Quail looked so stunning and this is the first time she's here representing Falken Tire in Irwindale Speedway. We were so happy to see her again and hopefully we can work with her again for a new feature in the future.

Courtney Day

Courtney Day is so bright as bright as a sunny day. Last time we saw her at the event just less than a month ago.  It's so great to see her again to see her bring her beautiful smile and awesome personality to the Formula Drift event again.

Heidi Fahrenbach 

Heidi Fahrenbach has been in Formula Drift multiple times and we have seen her working for several years. The ravishing blonde model is always so photogenic and looks awesome every time we take pictures of her.  It's great to have you back here Heidi!

Kelsey Quayle and Heidi Fahrenbach

October 30, 2017

Majestic Worthouse Umbrella Girls with Our Cover Feature Models Chirstina Riordan and Jessica Diane at 2017 #FormulaDrift IRwindale

The winning team of Worthouse umbrella girls are the perfect compliment to their winning champion James Deane driver of the great team!
www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff - To contact, email info@wheelsandheelsmag.com

We were thoroughly impressed by the Worthouse umbrella girls the first time we met them at the Long Beach season opener.  Our cover model Christina Riordan and our feature model Jessica Diane were the repeating model celebrity here, together with their two new models that are all fashion model built.

Under the bright Irwindale Sun, the sleek and leggy Worthouse umbrella girls still worked hard walking around the venue, greeting the attendees, and holding long smiles with fans’ selfies.  And at the end, the they stayed till the very end for the championship winning ceremony for their top driver crowned the top driver this year. Totally awesome we say!

With the strong and trophy winning  entry to the Formula Drift series, we shall see them again many times in the future seasons, and we simply cannot wait!

October 29, 2017

Three Graces #NittoTire Models, Leanna Decker, Courtney Riggs, Rebecca Abbitt at 2017 Formula Drift Irwindale #formuladrift @leanna_decker @courtneyriggs_ @rebeccarabbitt

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The Nitto Tire girls are always awesome! Here we have Leanna Decker Courtney Riggs, and Rebecca Abbitt all standing tall and beautiful at the Formula Drift Irwindale 2017 Nitto Tire booth.

Their smiles combined gave out lots of mega-watts. We don't think we needed a flash in this case. They look so awesome and we hope to see them again in the upcoming event or the next year's Formula Drift season opener!

October 28, 2017

Falken Girls Courtney Day and Andrea Wells at 2017 Off Road Expo

Falken Tire Awesome Model Duo Courtney Day and Andrea Wells at 2017 Off Road Expo Pomona

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Falken Tire always brings a big display at any car show they attend. This time together with the big booth they also had two gorgeous models the Falken girls Courtney Day and Andrea Wells.

In their signature blue and white uniform both models immediately spoke stunning! The blonde model Courtney Day is always so welcoming and photogenic to our camera and we always appreciate her great works.

This may be the first time we met Andrea Wells and she's a great model to shoot with. The pictures came out beautifully.

We talked with Courtney about the next big event. She hinted that there will be new models coming in for the event. We are super excited to learn that it's our feature model Kelsey Quayle to be the new Falcon girl. Kelsey is totally awesome and we cannot wait to meet her again and capture the great Falcon girl lineup!

Falken Tire Models Courtney Day and Andrea Wells

Model Andrea Wells

October 27, 2017

Sweet Pirate Cove Resort Girls at 2017 Off Road Expo Pomona

Pirate Cove Resort Had Red Hot Dressed Models at 2017 Off Road Expo Pomona

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It is a little bit unexpected to see a resort company such as Pirate Cove Resort showing up in the 2017 Off Road Expo show. Then we realize that this is a totally lifestyle driven car show, so why not?

At the Pirate Cove Resort booth there are several really nice models that were very friendly. They gave us some really cute and sweet pictures that we can bring home for you.

October 25, 2017

Complete Coverage of Miss Off Road Expo 2017 (Part 2)

The Complete Coverage of The Miss 2017 Off Road Expo as if You were There the Front Row Of The Entire Proceeding

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff - To contact, email info@wheelsandheelsmag.com

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