Many Models at Model Lounge in 2017 HIN Hot Import Nights San Diego @hotimportnights


Many import models showed up at the Hot Import Nights HIN SD 2017 Season Opener!

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Import models are a staple of the Hot Import Nights franchise.  They may or may not the pioneer of the import modeling scene, but they definitely held the rein of the import modeling industry, especially during the glory days of the import scene.

Here at the HIN SD 2017, we met several models that we knew as well as new faces that we have seen yet.  We have here, Maddy Belle, Catherine Lynn, Jammie Leong, Jojo Dela Cruz, Mhaye Monti, and more...

Jammie Leong

Catherine Lynn

Maddy Belle

Jojo Dela Cruz

Mhaye Monti

and more...