Stunning Import Model Arnee Mory at Import Face OIf 2016 Fontana

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We've met Arnee Mory in a couple of occasions and she always impressed us with her awesome modeling performance!  During the Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2015 show, her stunning look draped in the So-Cal sunset light, it was a golden moment!

Here at the Import Face Off 2016 Fontana, Arnee Mory showed up with her full game.  The moment she arrived, she immediately got the photographers' attention and crowded up to her.

Despite the cold and windy Fontana weather, Arnee stood tall with her shapely legs and intoxicating looks.

Here are more photos from the show and definitely find her and follow her on her social media channels.  She is one import model that we will be watching!  Keep up the great work Arnee!

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