Hot Import Nights LA 2015 JDM Sport Abound!

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* / San Pedro, CA / W&HM Staff

JDM Sport is one car show vendor that you will find in almost all the car shows and events across southern California region and in SEMA and more.

One of the trademark appearance of the frequent show vendor is their JDM Sport girls.  Throughout the years, they have discovered many fresh faces, as well as introduce talented models into the world of import car shows and motorsports events.

Here a look back at the Hot Import Nights 2015 Los Angels, in San Pedro downtown, we have covered many of the JDM sport girls there already, but still there were even more to be brought here.  That's just one thing what JDM Sport does, lots of models!

Here we have Ameera Siddiqui looking sultry and alluring, as well as with other bright and happy JDM girls.  Definitely check out more in the full article!

JDM Sport Girls

Ameera Siddiqui

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