HIN LA 2015 Airica Moe, Jenna Lynn, and Jasmyn Skye JDM Sport @jdmsport @jasmyn_skye

JDM Sport Girl Line Up is Like a Mini Model Lounge at The Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015

San Pedro, CA / W&HM Staff
We have seen the huge amount of models that JDM Sport company can summon at car shows.  However at this Hot Import Nights Los Angeles event, they have brought in an extended array of models, right next to the HIN Official model lounge.
This is like having two model lounges at the show, which simply doubling the fun and kept us busy all night for sure!  We totally have our hats off to the JDM Sport team who always have smart marketing strategies and great executions at so many events.

Here we captured three awesome models in all their own respects, and they carry three different vibes to the show.  They all had a wonderful time there!!

Airica Moe 

Jasmyn Skye

Jenna Lynn

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