Super Highlights of 2014 #Monsterenergy #SuperCross #Anaheim #Model Coverage

Anaheim, CA, by Py - "Wow, we LOVE It!"  This is how we felt when we left the 2014 SuperCross Anaheim event at Anaheim, CA.  We were totally impressed by the abundant presence of gorgeous models and packed attendance of enthusiastic fans, as well as all kinds of activities going on in the pit / expo area.  It's a wonderful Saturday afternoon very well spent!  This season opening SuperCross event is definitely a great introduction of a wonderful 2014!

Amid the nation's record cold snaps across the northeastern and Midwest, the famous Southern California's sunny side up weather had just a tint of hazy clouds, served at a warm 69F temperature. This sets up a perfect ambiance for a great show to come.  At the Supercross Anaheim pit / expo venue, Monster Energy Drink models wore just bustier tops and midriff baring uniforms parading in front of their gigantic platform at the pit platform, which is definitely a statement to the perfect weather here.  Their bright smiles and shiny blond hair styles become a signature look and imprint on many cameras' memory cards, attracting fixated show goers who just could not leave the area.  That's what we call a good promotion!

This is also a perfect opportunity to meet some of the models that we haven't seen for a long time in our coverage.  Helen Fancik (below left), has been one of our top favorite coverage models and it's great to see her again at the SuperCross event for AMS Oil.  

Our Cover Model Olivia Korte looked super awesome in that Rockstar Energy Drink uniform in front of the JStar Motor's newest promotional vehicle.  

During the show, there saw a lot of new faces (to us) as well as great friends from other events...

together with this all-so-familiar Angel Stadium sign, which now symbolizes fun weekend afternoons with car/motorsports events now!  The pit / expo area was packed with many SuperCross fans.  Many of them wore motorsport jackets to show their support to the star riders that they admire.  The place was so packed that many gates had long lines that you had to pass through.  The popularity of this motorsport is on its way to the NASCAR fan base style and size now.

Monster Energy Drink is the title sponsor of the event, and needless to say, they did their promotion at the pit with a big bang!  Mercedes Terrell (below left, brunette) along with many + many blonde models made the center of attention with their sheer beauty and sparkling smiles.

Ana Cheri (below left) joined the photo op just in time!

Ashley Michaelsen (below blonde) always gives us a great smile and a special photo moment.  She is such a awesome model!  Kelsey Sliwinski was standing by the big champion trophy, looking very warm and sweet!

Paige (above) and Randyl Dawn (below left) came in at the Falken Tires booth helping their sponsored rider and team.  The line for autographed posters at the Falken booth and in fact in all the booths with autograph sessions, seemed to be endless streams of people.  This shows the power of fan-connection and loyalty, as well as freely available signed posters.
Charisse Cha (above right) at the Shark Kage was at one of the most visible corner of the traffic paths.  Her great promotional personality gave the on-coming attendees a warm welcome.

The Rockstar Energy Drink models are super glamorous with Sarai Rollins (below left) and Olivia Korte (below right).  Their presence just kept the JStar Motors booth a must-stop spot!
Amber Papst and Kelsea Rock for BTO Motocross looked very happy!  Autumn Allenbach's (above right) upbeat look brightened the DC booth.  Autumn's mesmerizing smile is instantaneously infectious when we had the first visual contact.  She is very cool!
The dynamic duo of Candice Lorraine (above blonde) and Mariah Longo (above brunette) created a great draw to the Flying Machine Factory, FMF.  Cathy McCarthy (below right blonde) gave us a cool pose at the Penton booth.
The NGK Spark Plugs model, Jana Poole, (above left) stood tall and awesome, diligently giving away their promotional bags.  Randie Raige (above red hair) and Michelle Cardoza (above platinum blonde) at the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney were the first models that we captured in our camera!

Karina Velez (above) and so many other models that we did not get to know personally gave us the hope that there is always a next time soon!

Inside the stadium, this is where the real actions are happening!  To help warming up the crowd, Monster Energy Drink models walked across the stadium's dirt ground in their high heel boots, throwing give-aways to the vast stadium crowd.  Our hats' off to them!!  See if you can spot them in the picture...

Overall, we were super impressed by the showing of the 2014 SuperCross season opening event at Anaheim.  The weather was perfect, the pit expo was packed with fun, and the models were simply stunning.  What else can we say?  Only "Wow, we LOVE it!".  We definitely look forward to the next one!

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