Big Preview of Sold Out #FormulaDrift Title Fight Round 7 (Models)

Irwindale, CA (Py) - Formula Drift is the absolute top tier drifting event in the States.  Over the 10 years long history, they have amassed great talents around the world for the drifting competitions.  After a 6-months-long touring around the country, it's coming back to Irwindale Speedway for the final Title Fight!  This is the one that determines who is the top of the top of  this year's drifting professionals.  

The event has been a sold out event long time ago.  And the organizer has been working hard to increase the capacity anyway they can to accommodate more die-hards and fans.  It will be an epic event on Saturday for sure!

At the same time, the expo area will be packed with tons of vendors, products, merchandise, freebies, and of course, models. From our past experience, we can say that they have one of the highest density of the models in the event compared to other comparable size shows, and not even with any model lounge or beauty contest or Miss Formula Drift competition in the venue.  That's spectacular and also says a lot of the importance of the event and the attentions from the fans.
Friday is the qualifying rounds, and Saturday is the final decision day.  Therefore, on Friday, vendors usually hold back on their models' appearances.  Mostly only the big ones, especially with their sponsored competing drivers with their endorsements on their cars, get to have their models show up.  And many of them are top of the class in the promotional industry.  

This is a summary of the Friday's model line up and like a preview of what come in the scene on the final day.  Judging from the caliber of the models, Saturday event is going to be huge and  awesome  one!  We definitely look forward to it!

Click the immediate link below to see all the glories of the models on Friday!
Our cover model Sandra Wong and Beckie Joon (below right) as well as another Nitto Tire model have kept our camera busy.  Since this is Friday, not a whole gigantic crowd swamping the place, so we got the chance to take more awesome pictures of them, multiple times, and without much background noises!  Awesome!

Elysha Lee, our cover model!!  We totally miss her in the past year, and we are so glad that she is coming back to Megan Racing at the event!  Hopefully we will see a lot more of her in the future too!  We are very excited!
The Hankook Girls always have industry-leading talents at their ambassador line.  This time, we believe that they have broken even their earlier records by having these four amazing models, from left to right, Sadie May, Katelynn Ansari, Jessica Harbour, Erica Nagashima.  Simply + simply awesome!  They have a great representation of the brand; they are bright, friendly, uplifting, and totally classy sexy!  We do look forward to seeing them again at the SEMA show!
Arley for Achilles Tire!!!  How appropriate!  Arley Elizabeth has that bright fun and friendly personality, perfect as a brand ambassador, and umbrella girl!  
We saw Michelle Yee for the Montegi Racing as well as Courtney for Monsters Drinks.  They are so cheerful and interactive!

Marissa Hiroko for Rehv clothing and Laura Baker + Tanya for K1-Speed!  And also we have Lais Pedroso (below right) for Exedy!
All these awesome models are so cool and great to work with!  We highly anticipate Saturday to be a mega show!

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