Arley Elizabeth, Jessica Weaver and Sandra Wong, The Triple Crown Cover Models at MFest Pacific BMW Glendale

Glendale, CA (Py) - It's our lucky day!!!  All the top models at the Pacific BMW Car Meet Glendale + MFest are our cover models!!  First name alphabetically, we have Arley Elizabeth, Jessica Weaver and Sandra Wong!!  What can we say?  They are the best! and we work with the best of the best!!  Totally awesome!!

It started as a murmur in the social media, then it became words of mouth, and later became a multi-channel broadcast.  The car meet was put together by Pacific BMW at Glendale CA with the support of MFest and other cool vendors.  The house was packed with cars and cars.  Almost like every inch of parking spots is fully utilized, and many cool BMWs were at the meet.   The culture in this BMW car meet is different than the others.  We often see really tricked up and altered cars where sometimes the mods outshine the cars themselves.  However, here the culture carries more a traditionalist's approach with a purist approach.  You don't see a whole lot hood-up sparkling pipes at scene, but rather pure coolness and great awesomeness in their original forms.

The organizer did a lot more than just a nice collection of people's cars there, they put together some really cool venue items there too.  There was a live performance stage band that keep the energetic music going.  Then there was the Octoberfest photo spot with two authentic looking German models and kegs of beers for the photo op.  Then to add the grandeur of the event, there was a real fashion show with 6' tall super models walking the runway wearing Roenna Designs' lavish women's wear designs. (more photos will be published tomorrow.)

This is how a car meet is done right!!  They did it with high class, appropriately thematic and great fun too.  Our hats' off to Pacific BMW and MFest, and look forward to the next time!

Now with all these wonderful backdrops of festiveness, our awesome cover models, Arley Elizabeth, Jessica Weaver and Sandra Wong were the three key pillars at the event.  Wherever they went, there were non-stop photo ops.  We were so happy to see them.  

Arley is always so playful and full of fun!  Wait until you see the video of this event's coverage and then you can feel the full effects of Arley's always creative mind!  

Jessica Weaver also has that very happy glow in her!  The more we work with Jessica the more we discover just how awesome she is!  Besides the countless talents that she shows in various channels, she also evolves into a more sophisticated model and has that bigger wow-factor in her pictures too!  

Sandra Wong is forever so elegant and so personable!  Every time we meet up with her, she is always so welcoming and awesome to work with!  Every shows she attends is a great show for sure!

We truly enjoyed a super fun Sunday afternoon here.  Hope there will be more of such great car meets or open house and great models!!  We will for sure do our best to bring them to you too!

Post note: this time we experimented with a smaller camera to see if we can achieve decent photos from it.  We think the photos are good, but still somewhat different than the regular cameras that we use.  The coloring and uneven exposures are more noticeable.  Nonetheless, the models and cars and the ambiance still made the photos totally worked!  :-)

Arley Elizabeth is sooo beautiful!  No matter it's BMW or Lambo she is standing by, they only accentuate her gorgeousness!!

Jessica Weaver is so cool to shoot with! The photos of here are always so stunning and intriguing!

And she is so observant too!  Lol.

Sandra Wong is a genius!  She is so beautiful and awesome and smart in every sense.

It's such a great pleasure working with her that we become a partner in awesome photography now.  Super cool!!

Octoberfest!!!  Good time ensured!!

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