Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, @TERA1PATRICK, and @MsNinaMercedez at the #Spocom Super Show! @JGmodeltalent

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - We were very happy to see Jennifer Irene Gonzalez and Tera Patrick, both our cover model/celebrity at the Spocom Super Show!  They brought a different atmosphere to the show and were totally awesome with the fans!
Jennifer is so humorous that she did a sign for her lunch-fetching break, what a responsible model she is!  Totally professionalism at work!
Tera Patrick is like a great friend to us.  Her warm personality, soothing voice, and inviting smiles could put you at ease in an instant, even though you are still in much awe of her presence.

Tera was accompanied by Nina Mercedez, who both are very established celebrities.  Their great presence at the show definitely brought a lot of star power to the show and a lot of star dusts to sprinkle to the fans.

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