Issue 6 Featured Model - Elizabeth Velasquez for Spocom @LizVelasquez @Spocom

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Working with Elizabeth is an absolute pleasure!  She is passionate about her work, and she has really keen taste on aesthetics.  That's every photographer's dream!  Her natural talent and learned skills simply elevate her to a different level of playing field of modeling.  We have nothing but great respect and high outlook for her!
Definitely follow her on the web and various social channels: 
IG: Elizabeth_Velasquez 
Vine: Elizabeth Velasquez 

And definitely go to Spocom Super Show this Saturday (7/13/13) if you can.  There will be so many cars, vendors, models, and models, bikinis, go-go dancing, performances, swags, and of course FUN at the show!  See you all there!!

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