Brittani Paige is a One of The Most Genius Models That We've Seen @msbrittanipaige

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Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - We've seen Brittani Paige many times in the past events.  Yet, she never failed us at every event to show her genius modeling talents.
You can call her an interactive-performance-self-starter style model.  When she sees you, she would immediately create an invisible bond that makes you want to come over and talk to her to catch up with her on what's the latest news feeds.  Super interactive!
Then, she would give you fantastic photo-ops that you just cannot stop clicking your camera.  And she would not stop giving you those variety-is-the-spice-of-life kind of poses and expressions.  Amazing performances!
Then she is so creative that she would use anything at hand to act on, generating different looks, or conversations or interactions.  If there is nothing at hand, she uses her cute, beautiful, cool, loud, spicy, or simply unconventional gesture.  Never a boring moment!  Not many models can be so self-starting!  

Many kudos Brittani!!  Keep up the good work!!  Far and high, we see you!

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