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Anaheim, CA (Py) - 2013 Spocom has been touted as the super show of all Spocom shows.  We have to say, it was a mega super show!  The added space in the convention for this year's show was not even enough for all cars, models, vendors, and the stage.  The 2013 Spocom show was spectacularly presented, awesomely organized, full of sophisticated cars, eye-catching models, diverse vendors, impressive performances and contests, all wrapped into a totally fun 6-hour experience.

Spocom has always been one of the biggest, best and most awesome shows in So-Cal for many years.  But before this year's show started, the talk on the street was already boiling to beyond the hot topic level for car owners, models, and vendors.

Driving to Anaheim Convention Center in a typical sunny So-Cal weather was a breeze, literally.  Yours truly came in just behind Autoshowevents as the second media group for the show, talking about dedication!  Kudos to our team!!  The organization of the show was really neat and non-chaotic, which demonstrated the well preparedness of the show organization.  Super cool!
Once we got into the hall, it was huge, but still comfortably that you don't feel like going into a maze.  We could stroll around the floor surveying all the cool cards, gorgeous models, and neat vendors at ease.

We first visited the model lounge, and we were happy to see many familiar faces and also there were quite a few fresh faces in the scene.  Very awesome!  This year, Spocom has a LOT of models at the lounge.  So many they have to break it into two locations.  We can see why LA's real estate market is skyrocketing, even in the convention center!

At the model lounge, there were literally tens and tens of models there.  They all looked especially lovely and cool.  We hand the Spocom team for working with these amazing models to bring to all of us an incredible experience!  Thank you!
From top left: Arley Elizabeth, Alexia Cortez, Amia Miley, Arika Sato, Diamond Zaang, Diana Lushus, Elizabeth Velasquez.
Then we have the awesome Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, Niki Mercedez, Tera Patrick.
And many more, including Bebe Layne (above middle), and below Brandi Renee, Bianca, Ashlee Niki, as well as Brie Williams.

And more!!  Jessica Weaver (below middle) and Stephanie Kay (below right).
And more more, above Lily Zena Wang, Lux, and Lyna Ly Sparks.
Jenna Lane, and below Marie Alvarez, and Marissa Hiroko.
The Diamond Dozen Team looks sooooo good!!  Great job!!
We have Kira Christina, Franchesca DC, Angelia, Monique Lagorce, and Kirsty here.  Totally immaculate line up!
2Crave is always amazing!!  They have one of the most classy, warm and friendly models in the industry. Great team work and great culture!!

Amanda Kerr (above) with newly painted Geisha Events car, both looking stunning!

We say R1 Concept has the right concept with these two amazing models, Melyssa Grace and Amber Alvarez.

Victoria Barajas (above) is smoking amazing, working awesome at the HIN booth.

And Sandra Wong and Brittani Paige were there looking amazing!  They both have that affinity quality but with two distinctive styles.  You have to be there to experience them!  Chelsea Lee, after started at the HIN Santa Clara, joined the So-Cal team and we will see her more for sure!
Gwendolynne Gee (above left) for HIN is such a 24x7 great model that we cannot stop taking great pictures of her!  Toyo Tires Rule, with Claudia Alan and Magda Angel!

Amber Grace, Danielle Lo both have super bright smiles that would warm up the scene! Limitless Society's two cool models, Amy Ames and Ellie Roxx always rock the show!
Dannie Riel is a brand of her own for sure!  The line for her is like half of the convention center long.  We were pretty sure that many of her fans are not exactly cars or models followers, but it's refreshing to see her and her incredible fan base supporting the event!
Drive M7 Energy Drink hired several big guns!!  Kept us lingering there for a long time!  Eva Skye, Jeri Lee, Xena Kai, and Deena Kacie are all super + super hot!!  Great team!
And we saw Evelyn Lin, Jasmyn Skye, Jenna Trujillo, and Jessica Endres, as well as Lena Love, Lily Evans, Noelle Lynn, and Ashley Clark, all are super cool models!


Leianna Kai switched from modeling to singing and was rocking the house!  The dance competition had a very happy and strong ending!
The very famed Bikini Contest hosted by Arika Sato!


The 2013 Spocom Winners were crowned at the spot!  Super cool!

And there were many + many more models at the show that we just cannot keep up, because they keep showing up as well.  Were were able to keep tab on the contact info, but eventually only the visual memories can be saved... So many + many great models at the show!



And the award ceremony, with the top models at the stage giving out awards.  It's a hero and princess happy ending for all the winners!


The best team and best show here.  Very + very impressive!!  Congrats all!!
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