Big Pictorial of Sandra Wong for #OutcastGarage at #Spocom @MsSandraWong @Spocom

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Sandra Wong is an amazing model, not only because she has that natural beauty, the personable aura of her own, mesmerizing smiles, and cool modeling talents, besides all these, she is a totally dedicated model and can be seen in almost every show, giving her fans ample opportunities to follow on her latest.  AND besides all these, she is a very successful professional and an awesome student.  We are talking about super model in many ways!  Great job Sandra!!
We want to thank Sandra for giving us ample time to so many great photos of her!  She is absolutely most adorable and awesome!
Sandra came up this pose by herself.  What can we say?  Totally talented!  Great job Sandra!

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