2nd Part of 2013 Spocom Model Coverage Summary #Spocom @Spocom #wheelsandheels

Anaheim, CA (Py) - Here is the second part of the highlight summary tour of the 2013 Spocom Super show!  The vastness of the Anaheim Convention Center, which is right next to the Disneyland Anaheim, still did not fulfill the full potential of the Spocom super show.  There were so many talents, across models, performances, cars, and vendors, totally filled the floor and some even were turned away due to lack of space.  We are very excited and hope that next year, it will be even bigger!

From the model side, this year is seemingly a turning tide year.  Though there were many familiar faces and great models at the show, there were also noticeable absences of the other famous models that we have seen for many years.  If you compare the Coverage by Model list (sorted by frequency) at the bottom of the page and the mode line up here, you would come to the same conclusion as well.  

Well, this definitely gave a great chance for new comers to the car show modeling scene.  Many models that we asked, saying that this is the first time to the Spocom show.  This observation is also echoed in the street shared by other peers in the media world.  We are sad that we did not get to see several great talents but at the same time we applaud the direction of accepting more new models to the show.  There are always amazing natural talents waiting for the big break or simply a platform to shine.  Very cool!
Sandra Wong for Outcast Garage is looking especially cool!  Her warm personality, soft talking manner, beautiful traditional yet modern look, fully won our hearts and many others' too.

The Diamond Dozen came out in strong model line up, and totally captured the attendees' attention and flashes.  From left to right, Angelina, Franchesca DC, Kira Christina, Kirsty, and Monique Lagorce are perfect-photogenic!  That's like Wow repeating 5 times!

2Crave never ceases to be a great wheel company.  Their models definitely carry that spirit!
Xena Kai and Shauvon Pham were looking smashing here!

We had some great quality time with Amanda Kerr to create these great photos, and they are only the tip of the iceberg.  Definitely stay tuned for more!
Ashlee Niki, Bianca, Brittani Paige and Chelsea Lee and more!!
Jennifer Irene Gonzalez was being really humorous!!  Who would thought that a beautiful model would have great humor?!  Totally awesome!
Jeri Lee is synonymous to awesomeness, great creativity, boldness, free-spirit, super photogenic-ness, and totally amazing talents!!  Every time, it's always a super Wow!!
Marissa Hiroko (above left) is like a high fashion model who just gives you a refreshing feeling when you are around her!  Stephanie Kay and Arley Elizabeth were having great fun as neighbors.
Lyna Ly Sparks looks awesomer and awesomer each time we meet her!!  
There were soooo many more!!  Stay tuned for more detailed model appearances at the Spocom Super Show!!

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