W&HM Issue 5 Awesome Cover Celebrity - Tera Patrick @tera1patrick

Cover Celebrity: Tera Patrick
Photography: Py / Py25 Studio
MUA/HS: Ashley Gannon

* To purchase the W&HM Issue 5 Print Edition, click here.  Issue 5 has print-only editorial photos and a full Q&A with Tera, as well as luxury car show and amazing promotional model reports from the recent high end European car shows.

Correction 2013.0611 - We updated Tera's bio reference to her Amazon's profile which has much more proper and updated information of our amazing cover celebrity.

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We are very excited about this issue. First, it's the best designed print issue that we ever produced.  Secondly, we have the great honor to have the very famous Tera Patrick to be our cover celebrity model!  Thirdly, we will start the print edition as issue numbers instead of a monthly publication.  This way, we can quickly provide you more updates of the latest car show and promotional modeling scene reports.

Our cover celebrity/model, Tera Patrick is an internationally well known star.  She has been modeling for many years, and then started her impressive entertainment career as well as an author of her book "Sinner Takes All", plus a column adviser in the FHM magazine, TV hostess, Spokesmodel, video game personality and more!  We are here to rekindle one of her forever passion of fashion modeling!

Tera has been signed with the world top agency of Ford Modeling, when she started modeling and continued for five years, before jumping into other ventures which later on defined her career.  During those years of fashion modeling, Tera developed a unique and strong affinity to the fashion world,  Her modeling skills demonstrate her genius talents and long experiences in fashion modeling, and on our beautiful photos.
We had a great time shooting with Tera, which totally showed her versatility in fashion looks.  It was like a fashion editorial shoot that went multi-directions and mult-locations.  Through out the time, Tera has been an amazing participant to the creativity and concepts, as well as vision and styling.  We could definitely tell that she's having as much a great time, as we did too.

The amazing quality that Tera showed us, not only is in her great ability to create gorgeous and engaging photos, but also being not afraid of jumping into the cold Pacific water, or hiking a long and steep trail in the dark, or withstanding super gusty wind that relentlessly blew our lighting away, and much more.  If we talk about dedication and professionalism, Tera is at the top of the class.  We have nothing but highest respect to this amazing star!

Again, we are extremely excited to be able to have Tera Patrick as our cover celebrity model, as well as doing what we enjoy most, a fashion editorial style shoot with her.  We look forward to working with her again in the future and creating even more amazing work together!

* Because the feature was created before the new hi-res format was employed, so they remain to be the previous web size format.

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