Three Great Star Models at the #Autocon #Model Lounge @AlexiaCortezLA @AMANDAGIFT @ArikaSato

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - Autocon this year's successful model lounge has both newly established models, established models, and very established models under one tent.  Alexia Cortez who appeared in many publications, commercials, including billboards, and countless events graced the model lounge again, attracting a huge crowd around her even just seconds she came to the show.  Talking about star power!!
The great Amanda Gift, an amazing model and a gifted photographer!  If you don't know Amanda's accomplishments well, definitely check out her MM page here.  The credit list goes on like HTML 5 endless scrolling.  Totally awesome!  And we haven't talked about her high fashion portrait beauty photography!  Check out her work here too!  And besides all the great thing, she is actually managing the Autocon Model Lounge this year!  Now that's a totally different job requirement than others, but she's done a hella great job!  Our hats off to her multiple talented professional-personalities!
Arika Sato, has been busy in many fronts.  Her slender physique and warming personality would have people notice her far and close.  She is one of the hardest working models in the car show scene in recent time.  It's always great to see her and look forward to the next encounter!
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