Great to See @MayaMichelleRew Again at Autocon and @MissJennaLane at #Spocom Booth

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - If we say Maya Michelle Rew is a great model, we probably are missing out a lot of amazing qualities of hers.  Her playfulness, creativity, free-spirit, and super smart!  That's why we love her so much!
Like we said before, if you spend more than 2 minutes with Maya Michelle, you will leave very enlightened! :-)

Jenna Lane is a hard working and ambitious model, at the Spocom Booth.  She pursues her goals like a real business, which is a rarity in the car show modeling scene.  We applaud her no-one-can-stop-me boldness and strength and courage.  That is exactly what one needs to possess to be truly successful in this business, or any business.  Great job Jenna!

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