2013 #Autocon Models Are Simply Awesome! #wheelsandheels

Arcadia, CA (Py) - The highly famed top model Alexia Cortez gave the model lounge a really big crowd when she was around and socializing with her fans.  Quite a sight!  Amanda Gift (below left) is the main driver who made the Autocon model lounge so successful and so awesome!  Great job Amanda!  Great job!

Ellie Roxx (below right) looks as sweet as the last time we met her!  Definitely check out our three coverage articles of Ellie Roxx in our search box.
Cristianne (below) has that home girl feel but ambitious modeling goals.  Keep up the good work and keep up the good work the Clean Promotions team too!
Elizabeth Velasquez (below right) showed off her amazing legs and sunny bright smile at the Spocom booth.  The very talented Jenna Lane joined Elizabeth Velasquez at the booth too. Talking about the Spocom booth, they are like the other pole of the great model gathering.  They had so many gorgeous models that we could only imagine when the Spocom super show comes up, there will be a model mayhem literally at the show.  Look forward to!
Vertini Wheels hired two cool models, Jessica Weaver (above left) and (sorry that we did not get her name...)  They worked hard but had lots of fun!  What a way to spend an afternoon in a car show!

There are many more models at the show that we just could not stop snapping pictures of them!
The Activape team is a tight and cool and awesome team!  They are having a new shop opening this weekend. Check it out at www.activape.com!

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