2013 #Autocon Cool Show Highlight No 3 #wheelsandheels

Arcadia, CA (Py) - Sally Miakior (above left) and Xena Kai (above right) were energized bunny that worked tirelessly for the whole Autocon show that we saw.  Judging by the number of people coming up to take a picture with them, we think they probably covered everybody in the show, sometimes more than once.  Wow, and Wow!

Marissa Hiroko (below left) had a beautiful long chiffon dress that matches her fashion model talents!  Gloria Touch just came from Seattle to attend the Autocon show in the model lounge.  We got a chance to work with her and will be doing a cool feature of her in the future.  She is simply stunning!  Stay tuned!
Mimi Le (above left) and Noelle Lyn (above right) look really cool!  Claudia Lopez and Arika Sato are awesome in their own ways!
Lux is super glam here.  We love peace as well!!

Vaping seems to be catching on.  There were several vaping shops at the show, including Activape, which has three stores opening already!

Wendy Le (below) had her cool Miata all mod-up both inside and outside and sideway and all around.  Nice work!!!

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