2013 #Autocon Awesome Show Highlight 2 #wheelsandheels

Arcadia, CA (Py) - This is the second part of the model coverage from the awesome Autocon show.  Bianca for Spocom gave us a total wheels and heels look!!  She is an amazing model!  We look forward to seeing her in the future events, especially at Spocom!!

Melyssa Grace is the embodiment of natural super model.  Any moves, any expressions, any looks she gives you, you cannot fail. They are all so awesome!

Amy Ames (above left) and Ellie Roxx (right) are the cool Limitless Society and Hollux duo.  They created great vibes at Autocon.  The team with Lyna Ly Sparks, our cover model, (below left 2nd from right, sunglasses'd) looks too hot for the hot weather there.  They just look simply wow!  Evelyn Lin graced the Extreme Autowerks .Net booth, in her rare appearance in the car promotional scene.
Charise (above left) has strong ambition to be a great model in the promotional world.  She definitely has what it takes, and we love to see her take it!  Holly Lee (above right) is one of the most sought after models at the lounge and is always busy catching up with girls and crowds and cameras.  Always great to see Holly!

The legendary Jeri Lee (below left), was at the center of the model lounge and definitely got the center of the attention too!  Brittani Paige (below right) looks amazing, and her spontaneity trumps all models at the show.  She's so fun to shoot with, or when we was shooting someone else and she was in the background!  She definitely precision-bombed our photos.  Great job Britt!  We love it! :-)
Christine Mendoza (above left) is a great welcome back and Maya Michelle Rew is a big welcome back too!  We don't remember when we saw her last time, but we sure miss her.  Every time we were at SEMA, Maya is the light in the dark, the joy among the mundane, and the coolest in the conference room filled with cold metals.  Super Maya!

It's so cool to see Lea Anne, our cover model (twice), again!!  She's been busy with racing and working, but she always has a heart for the modeling!  It's great to catch up with her and look forward to seeing her again more + more in the future!!

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