2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Highlight - Famed Bikini Contest #bikini

Anaheim, CA (Py) - Extreme Autofest is not complete without its famed Bikini Contest.  The competition was fierce to say the least.  There were many + many totally gorgeous and super fit models on stage.  One of them is Diamond Zaang, and her poise really excited the crowd.  Lilly Evans (below left) really put on a show for the wild audience, and rightfully deserved the "double-take" encore to reappear at the stage again.
You can always count on Charmaine to by herself.  This is literally a rendition of "All Eyes on Me!", more accurately, "All Eyes and Cameras on Me!!!"

The finals were standing waiting for their fates...

During the final final, Charmaine did a water showering to the crowd, who got even more excited!!

The finals, and the winner is awesomely from Hawaii (left most).  Her dance moves really moved the judges' needles as well as the crowd's thundering support!

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