2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Highlight - So Many Cool Costumes #wheelsandheels @Ilove_CRYSTAL

Anaheim, CA (Py) -
Anaheim, CA (Py) - The model lounge is always fun, and now combined with the genius of costume theme, it's a riot!  Lovely Rachelle (above left) as Babydoll overpowered Lily Evans, Lara Croft with her shiny katana.  Is it real sword??  Wow!

Even wonder women (Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr) can  use some Kuya protection by Big Abe!  Audrey Elizabeth (below left) and Marie Alvarez (below right) and Ashley Clark (below below left) are the super leggy heroines!
Claudia Lopez (above right) and Kristin Barcelona (below) looks super delicious, isn't she? :-)  And the Spocom girl is sooo cool!

Diamond Zaang is always so pearly cute!  Lyna Ly Sparks (below left) and Raichelle Viado (below left right) are awesome from head to toe.  Do you know that Raichelle did not just go out and bought a costume for this.  She made it with her own hands!  Now that's a super power that most people don't have any more!!  Many kudos to Raichelle!!
The strategically Ivy'd Poison Ivy Christina May (above right) brought us an early Christmas, a cool contrast to the super heat wave there.  And GXS uniform is a costume by itself, shown by the GXS girls!

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