2013 Bimmerfest Pasadena with More Awesome Models! @LizVelasquez

Pasadena, CA (Py) - We are continuing from yesterday's awesome coverage of all the great models at the Bimmerfest Pasadena.  Here we have Elizabeth Velasquez (above) giving us a bright as the sun smile.  Actually it doesn't matter what kind of weather it is, she always make us feel it's sunny out there!  Elizabeth did a great job for Vertini getting people's attention and make them feel really welcomed.  Good job!!

Katelynn Ansari (below left) is a wonderful + wonderful model!  From the first time we covered her at CES last year, we knew that she is a great model and her road to amazing stardom will be a successful one!  We are very happy to see her at Nitto here.  Hopefully we will see her more in the near future!
We met up Natalia Marie (below left) and Diana Lushus (below right) when they were giving out stickers for Sparta.  You should really see them in action!  It's a non-stop creative performance even doing a could-be-mundane work like giving out stickers.  That's great promotional talent in them!

The models at various booths are doing their best job in representing their vendor's brands as well as looking good in picture.  The show may be a 6-hour thing, but a great picture last forever, and get liked many many times!
At the ceremony, the pairs from Ventura Motorsports and BMW of Murieta gave us totally cool photo ops!  Awesome!

Beckie Joon (above) make JGMODS looks cool, especially with the TED-like character in the passenger's side.  Who know what he would say... Christine (below) was last spotted at the Wekfest Long Beach last year, and it's a great return to the car show scene again for VMR Wheels.

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