W&HM 2013 Apr Print Issue is Available Now! With @KrysAngelesYo

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are very happy to have Krys Angeles as our 2013 April Cover Model.  She is warm, kind, gorgeous, bright, professional, and totally wonderful to work with!  Also, her last name "Angeles" is like in "Los Angeles", double cool!

In this issue, all the photos of Krys are only published in the print issue and not seen in the web edition.  There are some magnificent + breath-taking + awesome photos in the print edition.

We also have the awesome DIAMOND DOZEN model, Monique Lagorce as our April Calendar model.  Her calendar page will leave you wanting more, and we got more in it too, with the calendar page.  Awesome!

Also included are the recap of the great event of 2013 HIN Fontana, NASCAR Royal Purple 300, and Kuya Model Expo pictorial reports.

It all wrapped into a nice print copy, and can be be a collectible worthy issue for sure!  We have a good feeling that this will be the cornerstone of the format that we will use in the future!

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