Krys Angeles - W&HM 2013 April Cover Model @KryAngelesYo

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Now here is an except from our interview with Krys. The full version is printed in our April print issue (check it out here.)

W&HM: Great to see you again!  How’s everything?
Krys: Great, great!  It's nice to be in California, from Seattle, nice weather!

W&HM: Haha, true.  Tell us how did you start the modeling career?
Krys: Ah, Nikita Esco, she is my childhood friend  and she said that they always wanted a blonde, and I am always a blonde, so... :-)  I guess I did okay and they invited me back.
W&HM: Very cool!  What do you think about, say, one of the secrets of successful modeling?
Krys: You know, I think honestly, it's just showing up. I try to be respectful to people.  I guess when there are jobs and gigs, people would know that I am reliable.  I think that's half of the battle, just showing up
W&HM: Awesome!  A totally different subject, do yo like to cook?
Krys: I do... :->  Actually I might be meeting with Emeril Lagasse, who is one of my heros.  I love him.  I actually have all his cook books.   Actually one of my friends got me an apron that says "BAM".  Haha.  I definitely appreciate and love his recipes.  He is definitely inspirational.  I didn't know how to cook at first, so pretty much he taught me how to cook eventually.

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