2013 #formuladrift Round 1 Long Beach Highlights #wheelsandheels #drifting

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Long Beach, CA (Py) - This year is the 10th anniversary of Formula Drift.  They have grown into an impressive enterprise scale of action event.  At the same time, the lifestyle expo is also expanding.  Friday was a great day, but Saturday is a uber packed day.  We say, "very good! Keep it up and keep them coming!!"  We love it!

First thing we noticed is that Hankook model line up has almost done a complete change over.  But we are still very happy to see Erica Nagashima still being with the team.  And we looked at the new models, and they are totally awesome as well!

NOS on the other hand, have many familiar faces, including Shanna Lowder (below left), Natalia Marie (below right), and Julie Mai (below + below left).  Then we saw Brittani Paige (below center) and flashed us a brighter than the mid-day sun smile.  Wow!

Holly Lee got a fan board!!  That's very cool!!  We are sure that if possible, she would get many appreciation signs from all over the world! :->

Lux and Arley are soooo cute that they gave us huge air-kisses!!  We feel the love!  Super cool!

Our cover models!!!  Sandra Wong, Melyssa Grace, and Lea Ann!!  What a great event with these amazing ladies being there and gave us those mega smiles!!  We are so happy to see them!!
The event is full of actions, both on track for drifting and for the lifestyle expo where fans show their love to their stars.  A lot more will come in the next few days.  Stay tuned!!

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