2013 DUB LA Show Highlights No 1 #wheelsandheels

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - 2013 DUB LA show is the first DUB show in Southern California, which means that there were tons of cars, tons of cars, tons of activities, tons of bright reflections of lights and flashes, and tons of loud noises and sounds!  It sure was festive! 

As we surveyed the venue, it presented itself as a sea of shiny cars and highly customized configurations.  Not only you would see cars unfold in unimaginable ways, video screens mounted in every space of cars, loud speakers decorated cars rear like armors, or wheels wider than most of our shoulders.  It's definitely a showmanship competition and celebration of ingenuity.

The models are also different than most of car shows that we attended.  Still we found many gems that we are so happy to see again.  Franchesca Del Carpio (above), for RDB, is our March cover model.  And Sandra Wong (below left) is our January cover model.  As well as Lyna Ly Sparks (below right) is our 2011 August cover model.  It's so awesome to see them here!!
And we are also very happy to see Alexia Cortez (below left), as she is one of the top models in the industry, and constantly busy with various activities.  Joselyn Cano (below right right) is a big welcome back to the car scene, as we haven't seen her for a long while. She is totally drop-dead gorgeous!!
Arley Elizabeth (above left) is an amazing model at the cool 2Crave booth.  Amber Grace (the red dress) is a super hottie!  And Cristianne (above right) is giving us a sweet kick-butt kick!  Ashley Clark (below left) in the chic black in front a cool white car.

Overall, it's a wonderful event.  Definitely we can feel the car show season is back!

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