March 22, 2013

Rising Stars, Shooting Stars, and North Stars at HIN! Retro 2009 #HIN #Anaheim #wheelsandheels #highheels

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - 2009 was a fun year.  We knew more models and they knew us better..  Looking through the photos, we found many models were like cosmic entities.  Some are like the north star that is always there and very recognizable.  Some are like shooting stars, that came, shone,,and then disappeared quickly, leaving a trail of lights on our photos.  Some are comets that showed up once in a long while, but when they did, people pay much attention to them.  We might as well call all of these, the cosmic stardom system.

There are so many familiar faces.  Check them out who they are in the Labels section at the bottom of the article.


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