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Fontana, CA (Py) - The opening of 2013 major car show season has been a great yet controversial one.  Hot Import Nights / HIN is well known for its proud embrace of cars, models, and active lifestyle.  This year, HIN has provided none less than what they have offered before, a place of gorgeous models, ultra slick cars, as well as non-stop entertainment activities.  We talked to many peers and friends at the event, and people all agree that it's been too long since the last major show in So-Cal that it's great to see everybody again.
However, this HIN event is integrated with the famed NASCAR event at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA, about 50 miles directly east of LA.  NASCAR events, if you have attended one before would know, are very high profile, with mega followings, and super managed.  As in our coverage of it [int link], we noted that "This is the biggest production that we've seen in the Auto Club Speedway, ever!".  And due to this overwhelming traffic and controls, HIN attendees were encountered with the difficulties in accessing the venue.  Still, for those who managed to get in, a good time was ensured!
The size of the venue is actually considered a mid-size one, in relation to other HIN events that we went to.  That does not diminish the presence of the models and enthusiasts at the show.  It was packed with people, vendors, make ups, cameras and flashes.  We were very happy to see some of the familiar faces from the past, as well as many new faces.  If this is an indicator of the carshow model landscape, it seems to be a sea change on the way with many new talents on the scene.
We were at the location from early morning for the NASCAR and till the late evening for the HIN event.  It was a long day, but not as long as some other highly dedicated true professionals like Clinton Lum and Carlos Benitez, who woke up like 5 or 6 am and drove almost like 2 hours to Fontana and stayed even later than we did.  Our hats off to them!!

The part 2 of the highlights will come tomorrow.  Please stay tuned...

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