February 3, 2013

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez - W&HM 2013 Feb Cover Model

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are super excited to have Jennifer Irene Gonzalez to grace our cover again, but this time it's HARD COVER!!  This is our premier print issue and she is perfect to lead this new track in our magazine venture.  Jennifer is not just an amazing model, she is also extremely resourceful, and have great wisdom toward life and industry!  We are so happy for her and for us too!!

Now let's learn more about Jennifer since the last time we worked with her.

W&HM: Hi Jennifer, it's great to have you on our cover again!  You are totally awesome!  Last year,  you were on so many magazines, and calendars and prints and advertisements and product branding and others.  We practically lost track of them!  Haha.  Congratulations!!

Jennifer: Thank you so much! 2012 has been my best year so far. I was on tour, landed the cover of 10 magazines internationally, Landing two national spokesmodel campaigns (MWG watch group, and VP racing fuels), and was on tour promoting the products I endorse with Lifesource Inc. I couldn't be more blessed. Grateful. 

W&HM: Please share with us some of the exciting experiences from last year.  You must have a lot.
Jennifer:  Like I just mentioned previously, 2012 was my best year ever. So that gives me so much more to strive for in 2013 to make it an even BETTER year.  In addition to being able to travel the world and tour as the spokesmodel for 3 different companies, I  landed a whirlwind of magazine covers, editorial features and billboards. Not to mention I was on the wheels and heels back cover, the COVER for pin ups for patriots, judged and coached the southern California natural beauty pageant (www.flourishe.net) ,  and became involved with several charitable organizations including Honoring Our Fallen.  Even more exciting, I was nominated as one of the MOST DANGEROUS WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD and will be featured as an A-list model/celebrity in a coffee table book/reality show that will release this April. 

W&HM: Awesome!  We bet that this year, it's going to be even much busier than last year for you!!
Jennifer: I sure hope so. If you are going to do anything you should always do your best at it. 

(continued in part 2 tomorrow...)

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Jennifer's contact information:

Personal website and store www.JGmodeltalent.com
Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/JenniferIreneGonzalez 
Instagram @JGmodeltalent 
Twitter  @JGmodeltalent 
Also if you are an avid ebay shopper: subscribe to her ebay store JGmodeltalent 
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