February 19, 2013

2013 Kuya Model Expo Highlights - Part 3 #wheelsandheelsm

Torrance, CA (Py) - We conclude highlight series by having Sandra Wong (above) leading the pack, with Nicole Marie (below left) and Bebe Layne.  All the awesome girls at the event!
The cool model with a cup, looks really cool!  Amanda Kerr (above right) is so slender and tall who brought out a different style of modeling here!  We love it!

Fines Pena (below left) from Import Fashion is elegant, soft-spoken, and a little bit shy, perfect as a wonderful Asian model!  Very cool!  Nikki (below right) definitely gave us a intriguing look!
The big finale of the bikini show...

The Gimmie Guy's girls are so alluring... The red dresses are so hot...  And their actions are so wow!
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