W&HM 2013 Jan Cover Model - Sandra Wong

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - (continued from the previous segment)

W&HM: What do you like to do during weekends, or school off days?
Sandra: During weekends I would hang out with my close friends J! Especially since it’s the holidays, all my friends are back for winter break!

W&HM: How about sports?  Do you follow any teams out there?
Sandra: The only team I keep track on, is the LAKERS <3

W&HM: Now a totally different direction, could you share with us a qoute that inspires you most?
Sandra: Yes, during troubles in relationships, I always keep in mind the overused quote “ What is meant to be, will be”. Because it is true, what will be, will eventually come in to place


W&HM: Awesome!  Then if you write a fortune cookie for your tomorrow, what would it say?
Sandra: I would say “Strive to succeed, it will be worth it in the end” J

W&HM: Haha, very cool!  We are on a roll now; say, if you have a movie for your school days, what title would it be?
Sandra: The Secret Life of an Import Model. <- good one huh :D

W&HM: How about a music band you form from your fantasy musicians, what name would you give to it?
Sandra: Uhm….. the suspenders? J Just ran through my mind


W&HM: Cool!!  Great job!  Now a bit more practical, or impractical... If you have all the money in the world, what kind of car would you get?
Sandra: I would love to get a Lexus LFA :D Because its one of the rarest cars in the world

W&HM: And what would you like to say to your fans?  Do you like to do a shout out to any one too?
Sandra: I would like to say thank you for your continuous love and support.<3

W&HM: Thank you so much Sandra.  You are such a wonderful person and a very cool model!  We will see you in a lot more carshows for sure.  Hopefully we will work together again too!
Sandra: Of course, always a pleasure.

W&HM: Happy New Year! :-)
Sandra: Have a great New years, let 2013 be a good year J

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